Ingrid Romero

“As a first-generation student and the oldest of two, navigating college was hard enough. Focusing on financially supporting myself and my college career was another stressor. I am beyond grateful to be one of the people receiving the APS Foundation Scholarship. I was a student in the APS District my entire school career and they […]

Eliyana Tsehaye

“The Rangeview High School Scholarship would serve great meaning to me and my future. As a first-generation student, having financial support would be extremely helpful. This would allow me to be able to fully focus on my education and career goals. Experiencing the financial stress of tuition and fees can become overwhelming, but receiving this […]

Abhia Lodhi

“I am grateful that this scholarship allows me to represent Rangeview High School as a Raider. I am proud to be a part of a community where everyone is accepting of one another and where all staff and students help those who are in need. Additionally, the money will greatly aid me in paying for […]

Consuelo Santander

“Receiving this scholarship means a lot to me; not only for the financial aid but because it opens the door to my future to be able to study what I want, It motivates me to keep pushing myself because I know there are people out there who believe in me and want to see me […]

Alison Remigio

“My parents come from Peru, specifically a small village named Huamanmarca. Money had always been an issue for my parents, always worrying about the next dish of food they’d have. Once they immigrated to Colorado, they continued to live in struggle, but now there was hope for a future of education for their kids. My […]

Marco Carbajal

“This scholarship is important for my family and I, because it will help us avoid the financial hardship that comes with attending college. It will allow me to finish my associates at the Community College of Aurora and start a career in Construction Management as it has always been something I am fascinated by.”

Mooku Paw

“Ms. Abbott was a teacher with a Big Heart! She was a dedicated teacher who taught with care and patience. I appreciate her for the transformational changes she made in many student’s lives. Growing up in a low-income family, hearing about how expensive college was always made me fear that my family would not be […]

Arely Ramirez Huaracha

“I am beyond grateful that I have been awarded this scholarship. Not only will it help me financially but also in pursuing my dream career. A career that I have dreamed of having the opportunity to pursue and thanks to this scholarship I am one step closer. It will help me get through a tough […]

Mohammad Ahmadi

“The Gene Yahn Memorial Scholarship is crucial for me because I’m an athlete and an immigrant student who needs to work part-time to help cover expenses for gym fees and support my family. Gym fees can be a financial burden, and balancing work, school, and athletics is challenging. This scholarship would ease that burden, allowing […]

Bishop Dankyi

“Not only will this scholarship allow me to show my talents, but it will also give me a new learning and life experience. Playing college basketball has always been my goal and this scholarship is bringing me one step closer to achieving that. Being able to go to college will also open my eyes to […]

Mya Thurmond

“I am so honored & greatly appreciative to have received this scholarship. This scholarship is an opportunity to take my dreams of becoming a Registered Nurse & make them come true, & I couldn’t be more grateful. Thank you for this amazing favorable circumstance.”

Emmanuel Muhozi

“Getting this scholarship is a huge step towards accomplishing my goals. It gives me the chance to completely focus on my studies without worrying about the financial side of college. I am truly grateful for the opportunity, Thank you so much!”

Ashley Salgado

“As a daughter of two immigrants, life has always been hard for us due to the underpayment of their jobs. Up to this day, we are still struggling financially and it seems hardly impossible for me to even think about going to college without having to stress about the amount of money we will have […]

Diana Barron Michel

“Thank you for the support! I know I shine bright, but with this opportunity, I’ll be able to shine brighter! I will work diligently to follow the rotary guiding principles and excel academically, professionally, and personally.”

Corina Tafoya

“After receiving the call that I was selected as one of the candidates to receive this scholarship I felt nothing, but grateful. As far as I can remember my mom has always been so hard and on top of me and my academic success. Although I didn’t see it then she did it because she […]

Poline Kaigo

“I’m very honored to receive the Aurora Gateway Rotary scholarship. This scholarship is going to be very helpful. It will pay for my college classes and fees, Helping me work towards my goal of becoming an infectious disease doctor and providing quality health care to those that need it the most. Thank you so much […]

Deisy Gonzalez

“For me, this scholarship is very, very important for my university studies, as it will help me to lower my tuition as well as helping me with school expenses.”

Rebecca Tekle

“To be rewarded with this scholarship is the utmost honor. As an Ethiopian immigrant, the only generational wealth I acquire is the sacrifices my parents have made that have brought me to where I am today. This scholarship alleviates the burden of financial constraints and allows me to pursue my dreams of becoming an engineer. […]

Ana Alvarenga Galdamez

“This scholarship is extremely important to me because it’s giving me an opportunity to keep my education going! It made me realize that my hard work actually means something. I’m so excited to follow my dreams and watch them come true, truly thanks to the Rotary Scholarship;)”

Hannah Young

“The scholarships awarded to me by the Aurora Gateway Rotary Club and the Gerkin Family have allowed me to get closer to wholeheartedly pursuing my studies with a lesser financial burden. As a passionate student with ambitious goals, these scholarships signify independence and dedication to academic excellence. Throughout my life, I have embraced the philosophy, […]

Sandrine Iradukunda

“Scholarships play a crucial role in providing opportunities for students to pursue their educational dreams, alleviate financial burdens, and support academic success and this scholarship would be doing just that for me. Coming from a single-parent immigrant family education is not taken lightly. Every day when I look at how hard my mother has worked […]

Myles Chapman

“This scholarship is important to me because it will further help me to pursue a higher education at a historically Black college with financial support. When I attend college, I want to major in business administration with a minor in multimedia journalism in hopes of starting my own media company that is focused on better […]

Geraldine Garcia

“This scholarship is important to me because it will help me pay for my education. As a first-generation Latina, it has been hard to find the resources that can help me succeed. This money will help my family financially. With the help of this scholarship, I can accomplish my dream of becoming a nurse and […]

Logan Abbey

“This scholarship is important to me because it symbolizes the value of service. Throughout high school, I’ve always prided myself on giving back to my community. This isn’t something that one can just choose to do out of the blue because it takes blood, sweat, and tears to push lasting changes to the lives of […]