“Scholarships play a crucial role in providing opportunities for students to pursue their educational dreams, alleviate financial burdens, and support academic success and this scholarship would be doing just that for me. Coming from a single-parent immigrant family education is not taken lightly. Every day when I look at how hard my mother has worked bringing six people from a war-drenched and poverty-stricken country to this country barely speaking English, I am reminded of how grateful I should be for the opportunities that I have been given. Especially the opportunity for an education and the fact that I could be accepted into college and offered this scholarship. Graduating high school and pursuing a higher education can be daunting. And when you start thinking about the financial burdens that come with that it can be overwhelming and a little discouraging. But when you know that there are resources and people who are willing to help you and provide support whether that be through scholarships or other means of aid it relieves some of that financial stress and makes a considerable difference. This scholarship is important to me because in less than 5 months I will be a college freshman and coming from a single-parent house that only brings in 30,000 a year, paying for college will not be easy. This scholarship would help alleviate some of that financial burden and help me and my family substantially. With less stress about the financial aspect of college, I would be able to be more focused on my education and pursue my goal of getting my bachelor’s of science so I can pursue my dream of becoming a physician Assistant. Just as I have not taken lightly the education that I have been given I would not take this scholarship lightly as well.”