“I am grateful that this scholarship allows me to represent Rangeview High School as a Raider. I am proud to be a part of a community where everyone is accepting of one another and where all staff and students help those who are in need. Additionally, the money will greatly aid me in paying for my college funds. I want to assist my parents as much as I can in paying for my college funds so that I can get my bachelor’s degree without being in debt that will affect my future life. As an aspiring optometrist, I strive to make my undergraduate experience as affordable as possible so that I can save up money to go to optometry school. In the long run, I strive to be helpful to my future community by allowing people around me to see life with a clear lens. I would love for them to observe the small details around them by giving them opportunities to get better vision. Overall, this scholarship gets me one step closer to this goal by helping me pay for my undergraduate degree.”