Eli Garcia

“I am so grateful to have been allowed to immerse myself in all aspects of college life because of wonderful scholarships. Through this scholarship, I have been brought so much happiness because I will be able to attend college without financial worry. Growing up in a household with such a financial barricade, bringing up college […]

Rediet Moges

“I am extremely excited to hear I have been awarded the Gerkin Family Expository Writing Scholarship. This scholarship is an honor to have won because I will be able to worry less about paying for college and get to focus on my education. My family and I are extremely grateful to the Gerkin Family for […]

Eva Vargas Byrne

“It’s important that everyone has the opportunity to follow their dreams. This scholarship is here to help an underrepresented group of people push forward and meet their goals despite the doubts and lack of understanding from society. And for that I am truly grateful.”

Chloe Wetzel

“I am so grateful to have been given this scholarship. It will give me an extra push to create the greatest opportunities for my education to be amazing. I work hard to be where I am and this will support me even more. Thank you for seeing my potential and generously awarding me this scholarship.”

Kaitlyn Linza-Drevost

“This scholarship is beyond helpful to me and my academic endeavors. This scholarship is truly the beginning of something amazing for me! I am thrilled and optimistic for my future, and this scholarship is taking me one step closer to achieve my goals!”

Valeria Acosta

“This scholarship is important to me because as a first-generation American and college student, I did not know much about the college process and financial aid. While institutional scholarships and other aid can help cover tuition there are costs not discussed including textbooks and additional fees. Not only that but I learned financial aid award […]

Achisa Panichakul

“I would love to thank APS, my teachers, my family, and my friends & peers who have supported me throughout this journey. This scholarship is important to me in terms of paying for my education that will be crucial towards my academic future and success. I will continue to work hard to become a doctor […]

Fardosa Mohamed

“As first generation of my family to attend college, education has always been an important aspect of my life. There are many challenges that will hinder me from accomplishing a higher education. This scholarship, fortunately, assists in tackling one of my concerns when it comes to finances.”

Brenda Avalos-Hernandez

“This scholarship is important not only for me but for my parents as well. This provides us with the opportunity to continue pursuing my dreams and accomplish more things so I can later on treat my parents with everything they deserve. They are hard working people who were able to give me and my siblings […]

Christian Pool

“This scholarship is important to me because it allows me to continue my post-secondary studies. I’ve always had to deal with a lot of challenging situations in high school, but I’ve stayed driven because I want to accomplish something bigger than myself. Not only is it such an honor but has also been an incredible […]

Katy Sarabia

“I am truly grateful for being the recipient of the Kara Abbott Memorial Scholarship. As a first generation student and daughter of Mexican immigrant parents, this will give me the opportunity to further my education and spread positivity to my community.”

Ja’kaia Harris

“This scholarship will help me pay off tuition and fees while I pursue my dreams of being a Chef in the hospitality industry. It will provide me with a sense of security knowing that my books, knife roll and chef coat will be paid for! This is a big step forward, so when the time […]

Moise Tuyikunde

“This scholarship is important because it will allow me to follow my career. It has relieved the pressure of not having enough money for the extra equipment that I may need, and it has opened a door for me to continue a career in mechanical engineering.”

Maddiana Finley-James

“Receiving the Gene Yahn Scholarship is so important to me. This scholarship will provide me and my family with the extra resources we need to help me achieve my goal of becoming the first person in my family to graduate from college. “

Brian Weatherford

“This scholarship is so important to me as it provides me with the additional resources I will need to reach my goal of becoming a college graduate.”

Kaylena Ramirez

“Having the opportunity to fully focus on my education has always been my priority. During the fall semester and in this current semester, I have been gifted with the opportunity to solely focus on all my college courses due to concurrent enrollment. My time throughout these past semesters has been dedicated only to studying and […]

Ta’Lahja Gissendanner

“These scholarships will help me pursue my dreams of becoming a CEO. This is a blessing because I would be the first child to go to college and making something of myself is my ultimate goal.”