“This scholarship is important not only for me but for my parents as well. This provides us with the
opportunity to continue pursuing my dreams and accomplish more things so I can later on treat my
parents with everything they deserve. They are hard working people who were able to give me and
my siblings the opportunity to make more of ourselves even when things got hard or we couldn’t
provide for much. This will now be able to allow me and my parents to not worry so much along the
way with how I am going to do things or even provide for things moving on after High School.
Through this scholarship me and others will be representing our schools and those who helped us
along the way to show anything is possible if you don’t give up the second things get hard which is
something me and my parents almost did but with the support of each other we looked at the brighter
side of things and continued to move forward. I will forever be thankful for this scholarship that is
giving me the opportunity to pursue my dreams of being an elementary teacher perhaps even a
special education teacher and is allowing me to thank my parents for their hard work and open