As the wide-ranging impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic now stretch into summer break, Aurora Public Schools has ensured thousands of families in Aurora have remained food secure. The APS Nutrition Services Department started distributing free meals to its community on March 17. In just under three months, it served its one millionth free meal on Friday, June 12.

The APS free meal program began as a response to the COVID-19 outbreak with the goal of supplying necessary nutrition to all children and adults while schools are closed. APS distributes free breakfast, lunch and dinner Monday through Friday at 21 locations across Aurora. All three meals, which include vegetarian options, are available together for pickup through a grab-and-go system. Additional meals are provided on Fridays to sustain families through the weekend.

APS receives funding from the U.S. Department of Agriculture to provide free meals for children. The district partnered with the APS Foundation to secure funding to feed adults as well. So far, the Foundation has raised more than $280,000 from 130 donors. This funding has provided about 70,000 meals for adults. APS will continue providing free meals to both children and adults through at least July 31.