“Growing up I never considered college as an option because of the costs and expenses. I knew sacrifices would have to be made and resources were available but there were other factors like the fact that the majority of students in college and that were successful were predominantly white and as a POC and first generation, it was discouraging. As I entered my high school years, specifically my senior year, I changed my perspective and decided I would pursue a college education specifically at Colorado State University in Fort Collins. I received support and help from peers and teachers but I had that financial worry that I would be focused more on the cost of college rather than my studies. Because of this scholarship, I will be debt free this upcoming fall semester. It’s a relief to me and my family to know that I can focus on my education 100% and participate in community involvement in my free time. Thanks to this scholarship I will be able to take my first steps towards joining the medical field and getting to live as a first generation student who received the financial support to continue on.”

-Nicole Pineda Gomez