A College and Career Center is a  resource that we will establish in every APS high school to ensure all students have access to the resources and guidance they need to plan for a successful post-secondary future.  College and Career advisers guide students and their families through applying for financial aid and scholarships, completing college applications, preparing for college life and understanding the dynamics of work-force opportunities like internships and vocational programs. APSF works in close collaboration with district leaders, school principals and counselors to complement programs already in place and to strengthen the college-bound and work-force readiness-culture in each school. Goals include increasing graduation rates, lowering dropout rates, and creating pathways to a variety of valuable post-secondary options.

A Proven Innovation
• College and Career Centers are a proven, successful model of a scalable program that can play a significant role in increasing the opportunities for high school students to learn about and pursue post-secondary education options.

• College and Career Centers can drive a cultural change for APS students by helping students see the possibilities for their future, as well as to chart realistic paths to accomplish their vision.

• Leveraging data — AP/IB/ Concurrent Enrollment enrollment, ACT/SAT assessment, involvement in extracurricular activities, ICAP completion, FAFSA and college application completion – is essential to ensuring both equitable access for all students and improving student achievement.

• A counseling model in Chicago Public Schools focused on data helped boost college enrollment rates for students from 44% in 2004 to 60% in 2011. The new data enabled the district to tailor action plans to each school’s needs.

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