This year, the Aurora Public Schools Foundation will be participating in the Colfax Marathon as a charity partner. This means that you, your friends, your family, and even your dog can run/walk AND support 40,000 Aurora Public Schools students at the same time! All the funds raised for this race will support the APS Foundation’s and Aurora Public Schools Health and Wellness programs to:

  • Provide scholarships for Aurora Public Schools students,
  • Launch College and Career Centers in every Aurora Public High School, and
  • Support the health and wellness programs for students and staff across the Aurora Public School district.

How Can You Get Involved?

  1. RUN. This event features a marathon, half-marathon, 10-mile race, and a 5k. You can even recruit a team of 5 people to participate in the marathon! For more information visit this website: Colfax Races
  2. RECRUIT runners! Get a team of 5 runners from the same school, or get a team of 5 runners from across Aurora Public Schools (2 runners can be district admin employees or family members of your schools staff).
  3. FUNDRAISE– reach out to your community and fundraise for our students and schools. For more on fundraising check out our APS Foundation Runners Packet.

Incentives for Joining the APS Foundation’s Team:

  1. The first 10 marathon teams of APS employees will get their registration reimbursed.
  2. The first 20 APS employees who run individually and raise $200 will get 50% of their registration fee reimbursed.
  3. ALL runners who raise AT LEAST $200 will get a free APS Foundation runners t-shirt.

How Can You Win Money for Your School?

  1. The runner who raises the most money will receive $500 for the school of their choice!
  2. The runner who has the most donors/supports will receive $500 for the school of their choice!
  3. Marathon Relay Teams:
    1. Be one of the 10 fastest relay teams in the “Government Employee” and “Open/Corporate” divisions. These teams can win $1,000-$2,500 for the Charity Partner of their choice.
    2. Be one of 10 fastest relay teams of school staff and win $1,000 for your school. Relay teams but have five teachers/staff from the same school (up to 2 runners can be district admin or family of your school’s staff). Simply choose “Government Public Schools” when registering.

How to Join the APS Team:

  1. Visit the Colfax Races page and select a race option. Marathon, half marathon, relay team, 10-miler, or a 5k!
  2. Register for the race of your choice by clicking here: Colfax Marathon Registration 
  3. During registration select, when asked if you want to run for charity select “yes” and then select the “APS Foundation” from the drop-down menu.

Have a friend who already signed up but wants to support the APS Foundation? No problem! All they have to do is update their registration info through their Colfax Marathon  registration portal!

Questions about how to join the APS Foundation’s team? Contract us at 303-326-2042.


Keep an eye out for our official APS Foundation Colfax Marathon Team Kickoff Event– Date/time- TBD

The APS Foundation’s team will be organizing run clubs and group runs– keep checking back for more information on getting involved with these!

Download our APS Foundation runners packet here for more information on who we are, what we’re running for, and how to run for the APS students!

APS Foundation Runners Packet